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To whom it may concern

Letter accompanying Valley UFO photos

I am writing this letter with much trepidation due to the strange matters which it addresses. Let me first apologize for my anonymity. I am a „well known and respected“ member of this community. I remain in the veil of secrecy in order to protect my family and myself from the ridicule which always follows matters such as these.

Enclosed are several pictures which I took on September 16, 1996 from my westernmost pasture. As you can see they show a strange object which hovered for several minutes above my land. Until I actually saw this „craft“. I had no belief whatsoever in UFOs or the like. Now I must admit a drastic change in that belief.

I had left the house in my truck around 2:30 to repair some of the fence line on my westernmost pasture. I had my 35 mm camera with me because I occasionally took pictures of deer and the like which often grazed in the adjoining pasture. I took my 8 month old beagle „Spot“ with me. When we arrived at the fence line I got out of my truck and Spot ran out and began running around snifffing the ground etc. I began cutting out a piece of rusted fence with my bolt cutter when Spot stared to whine and bark like no dog I have ever heard before. I thought he had gotten stung by a hornet or been bitten by a snake so I went to investigate. He stood about 200 feet from my position and faced towards the south of the fenceline. I ran toward him until I got about halfway there. That's when I saw what you now see in the photographs. It was a large black object that was hovering over some trees in the horizon. I stood there for a few moments and then remembered my camera. I ran back to the truck, got out the camera and ran to stand next to Spot. I snapped a few pictures and noticed that it was making a high pitched whistling sound. I guess this was what was making Spot howl so. I took a few more pictures as it slowly moved and then hovered some more. At one point it climbed about 4.000 feet straight up. It didn't make a sound and it moved as fast as a lightening bolt.

I kept taking pictures until I ran out of film. The „thing“ remained in my sight for about another five minutes and then it seemed to crumble in upon itself and vanish. Now let me tell you I was as scared as I have ever been. I shook for a long time after it left. There is one other strange thing I think I should report. About 10 minutes after the „thing“ vanished there came three black (or dark green) helicopters which flew low to the ground for a few minutes then left. None of these helicopters had any kind of markings. Now this may not be related, but it just seemed strange.

Well that's really all I have to say on the subject. You can do with this letter and pictures what you will. I just needed to let someone know what I saw. Thank you for your time.


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